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The Fox

1967 Canadian Independent Drama

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The Fox

1967 - Groundbreaking Year in Hollywood Movies

Roger Ebert's April 22, 1968 review of The Fox (four stars)

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The Rise of Gay-Bashing, World War II to Stonewall

Greenwich Village
excerpt from 1944 film, about 1 3/4 minutes long
Early example of actual violence against a gay man, as opposed to just snide comments.

William Bendix's character gay bashes another character in drag, although he knows him. It's World War II, and men must be men, even though the movie is set in "Bohemian" Greenwich Village, and William Bendix isn't very masculine himself.

Notice how carefully they establish that it really is a man in drag, because the audience would probably not catch on otherwise. Also, the reference to "gay" music was probably intentional.

excerpt from 1950 film, about 5 1/2 minutes long
The "justified" murder of a stereotypical lesbian villain is now acceptable, despite the Production Code.

The Detective
excerpt from 1968 film, about 7 1/2 minutes long
full sequence including the short clip seen on The Celluloid Closet

Gay panic is central to the plot, and motivates the murder of a gay man, in a movie that flaunts how "liberal" it is. Frank Sinatra is bothered that he sent the wrong homosexual to the electric chair, but is otherwise clueless. One of the most homophobic movies ever made, despite its pretensions.

Note that the reference to "rainbow" is purely co-incidence. This movie was made long before the Rainbow Flag was created.

In the Closet - Gay and Lesbian Portrayals in Movies Before the Stonewall Riots (1969)

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