Different / Madchen
Different from the Others

1917 German Silent
Drama / Sex Education Film

Madchen in Uniform

1931 German Drama

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Different from the Others / Maedchen in Uniform

A Daring Film, Silenced No More

Magnus Hirschfeld and Richard Oswald

1900 - 1930's Stereotype, Sissy Butch

Madchen in Uniform - Opening

Madchen in Uniform - Prussian Discipline

Madchen in Uniform - Community and Friendship

Madchen in Uniform - Adolescent Phase

Madchen in Uniform - No Escape

Madchen in Uniform - Foreshadowing and Final Scene

Different from the Others New York Times article from November 15, 2013

Conrad Veidt biography from Turner Classic Movies

Madchen in Uniform New York Times review from September 21, 1932

Madchen in Uniform Wikipedia article

Scott's Handouts and Clips

Legal Timeline

Gay Rights Movements (timeline)

Barbara Gittings, Lesbian Activist for 50 Years

Barbara Gittings section from the 1998 documentary Out of the Past
about 8 3/4 minutes long

Alla Nazimova, Lesbian Actress and Director

Alla Nazimova Compilation
excerpts from her films from the early 1920's, mostly Camille (1921) and Salome (1923)
about 4 1/2 minutes long

(If it doesn't play on your browser, click here to play on YouTube.)

In the Closet - Gay and Lesbian Portrayals in Movies Before the Stonewall Riots (1969)

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Scott Badman, Instructor